Kukui House Services: Vacation Rental Property Management, Residential and Office Cleaning Housekeeping, Commercial Cleaning, Property Management, Vacation Rentals

Beautiful views from our Sunset Bliss home in Warrenton, OR   Visit:  https://www.vrbo.com/783164  to reserve your next vacation.

Beautiful views from our Sunset Bliss home in Warrenton, OR 

Visit: https://www.vrbo.com/783164 to reserve your next vacation.

Kukui House Services is a locally owned and operated business based in Cannon Beach on the North Coast of Oregon. Our services include vacation rental property management, residential and office housekeeping, and weekly house checks. Our motto is, "Your Eyes When You Are Away" as we strive to provide our owners peace of mind knowing that someone right here on the coast is assisting them with the management, maintenance, and cleanliness of their home away from home. 

* Property Management: Kukui House Services provides Vacation Rental Property Management for homes from Arch Cape to Gearhart. 

*Housekeeping: Kukui House Services maintains high standards of excellence regarding the cleanliness of your home. In keeping your home and office sparkling clean, we use only environmentally, pet, and family friendly products which benefits not only the beautiful North Coast, but our owner and workers as well.

*Weekly House Checks: Having a second home is a big responsibility especially with upkeep and maintenance. Our highly trained staff will perform weekly house checks of your home to ensure it is in tip-top shape.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs that showcases our homes, tips and tricks for using environmentally friendly cleaning products in your home, and home inspection and maintenance info. 

Please contact us at Phone: (503) 828-9889 or email us at: house@kukuihouse.com with any questions regarding our services.